Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's Okay!

It's Okay...

That I spent my last $10 on a super cute dress yesterday... seriously.  It's cute. It was cheap.
Pay day is tomorrow. It's all good!

That I skipped Zumba on Tuesday night cuz I was 'crampy.'

That I borrowed way too many books from the library.
I'll never have the time to get to them all, so I'll just have to borrow them again!
I guess I'm a book-hog!

That I let my son go on YouTube to watch snake videos.  It's better than begging me for a real one!

That my daughter sleeps in her bathing suit.

That I wish I had a reason to take tomorrow off.

That I have a crush on the guy on my son's new lunch box.
Green Lantern... hello!?  Ryan Reynolds is a hottie!

That I roll my eyes when something (or someone) annoys me.

That I think this is one of the most hilarious things I've seen in a while...

                                                                 Source: via Lena on Pinterest

That I'm EXTREMELY nervous about photographing my cousin's wedding... yes, I decided to do it!  yikes!

That I've put together another giveaway!  Don't forget to check out my blog on Monday!

That I'm tempted to spill the beans and tell you what the giveaway is...

That I won't... because I like surprises, and I'm sure you'll like this surprise too!

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  1. Being crampy is DEFINITELY a reason to not workout. I totally support you on that.

    That photo? OH MY WORD. So so so awkward and you know what? Those brothers are probably in their 40s and cringing that they're on the internet.

    SPILL IT! What's the giveaway?! ;)

  2. I LOL'd with this whole list! No, really...I laughed out loud in my cubicle and now everyone knows that I'm not really working right now....
    LOVE the list!

  3. That picture cracks me up!
    You will do amazing photographing the wedding!

  4. hahaha omg i love this girl :) wish you could come be my photographer for my wedding!! great blog too! xo

  5. I use the "crampy" excuse too :) Thanks for linking up!

  6. OMG that picture! Thanks for linking up!


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