Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Graduate

Yesterday, my little man Memphis officially graduated from daycare.
He has attended the same great place his entire life!
Seriously, he was just shy of 10 months old when he started there.
{But it feels like it was yesterday!}

We actually pulled him out of daycare a month or so ago.
He was getting bored, and we wanted him to really enjoy the rest of his summer vacation.... so he was extra excited to go back yesterday and see all of his friends!

The day couldn't have been any better... the weather was perfect, the kids were happy & excited... it was just such a special moment for all the "graduates" and their parents.  I've seen most of these kids grow up too... they've all been in the same group as Memphis for nearly 5 years!  I remember all of them as babies!
Where did the time go!?

The party was a success... how could it not be when the emcee was a pirate!!
Memphis still believe this guy was the real deal!
He played the part perfectly... even the parents got a good laugh out of him!
There was also... bubbles and a... conga line!
These kids really know how to party!
We were treated to burgers & cake too... delish!
All the kids received a bag with special scrapbooks and photo albums, personalized, of their time at daycare!
Such a sweet, thoughtful and special memento to leave with!

Here are a few photos from our day...

and a video of Memphis & Ruby dancing with the Pirate... love it!  


{would have loved to get a few more pics of me & my little guy... but I stupidly forgot to cancel my dentist appointment earlier in the day, and half my face was still frozen after having a cavity filled!  'sigh'}

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