Wednesday, August 24, 2011

George is my favorite Beatle.

For reals.
I have always loved George Harrison.
The Beatles remind me of my dad... and in his younger years, my daddy sorta looked like George!
Had the hubs not suggested the name "Memphis" my first born son was going to be named Harrison.  Period.
Here Comes The Sun is one of my favorite songs ever.
So, yeah... no doubt I have always been on team George.

I saw this yesterday, and I'm so excited

Exclusive First Look: 'George Harrison: Living in the Material World'

"George Harrison: Living in the Material World" focuses the imaginative and inspired eye of one of cinema’s most preeminent filmmakers on one of the world’s most influential men.  The film takes viewers on the musical and spiritual voyage that was George Harrison’s life, much of it told in his own words.  The result is deeply moving and touches each viewer in unique and individual ways.
and because Pinterest rocks... a few awesome pics of my favorite Beatle...

{all found on my Pinterest board found here}

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  1. wow love love love george from the Beatles ;)

  2. Great post!! I've always professed to be a Ringo girl myself...

  3. I love his song "Got My Mind Set on You"! Do you remember the music video, where his home came to life and all of the objects started singing?! So fun :)

  4. cool post! i'm following now...

  5. heyyy how exciting that you are from the ottawa valley tooooo!! nice to "meet" you!!

  6. what a great collection!
    I have heard so much about "pininterest" and still* have not explored it myself! I must!



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