Monday, August 1, 2011

For The Love of Books!

I must say that I absolutely love the fact that bringing my kids to the library is considered such a treat!
They LOVE it, as do I!
Especially Memphis... he's super comfortable now going right up to the librarian and inquiring about certain books. It's so cute!
{this week he was looking for books on specifically on lizards & salamanders}

We go at least every 2 weeks... and I always grab more books that I could possible ever read in that time frame... but I love leaving with my arms full!

The best part is that it's a fun outing that costs NOTHING!
If you're not a regular at your local library, you might not know what you're missing!

{our most recent trip to the library!}

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  1. We love it in our house too...and she can't even read yet ;-)

  2. The library is our thing too:) We just moved to a new city, so it's on out list of places to explore!

  3. We are regulars at our library too.


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