Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bloggy Shout Out: Meet "Mama"

I'm happy to introduce another blog-friend that I'm sure you'll LOVE!
She's a new acquaintance, but it already feels like I've known her for much longer!
She's cute, she's sweet and her blog "mama marchand's musings" is fantastic!
Her name is Tricia, and here she is, in her own words:

Hi, there! I’m Tricia and I blog at mama marchand’s musings. You can also find me tweeting (a lot) @mamamarchand. I’m a part-time working mama who is head over heels for the hubs and loves being a new(ish) mama to our daughter, little N. I love all things handmade, cupcakes, organizing (it’s an addiction, really), coffee (a necessity), shopping for deals, and blogging (of course). I’m planning to open my own etsy shop this fall and am so excited!

Why did you start blogging?  And what have you gained from it?
I started my blog three years ago, before I really knew what blogging even was. I just knew I wanted to write! It picked up speed in 2009 when we found out we were pregnant with our daughter, as a way to keep long distance friends & family updated on our life. Now? It’s a huge passion of mine and gives me my own space to muse about marriage, mamahood & lessons I’m learning in this crazy life. It will also become a way to promote my etsy shop when I open it!

Tell us something you're passionate about:
I am passionate about being real. Sounds weird, huh? But it’s true. Being a (not totally conservative) pastor’s wife can be a daunting role but I’ve come to realize that if I’m not real, I’m not living. I wear my heart on my sleeve and can be asked anything. Seriously, people, I’m an open book.

Share a funny or embarrassing story about yourself:
Just one? We’ll go with my most recent embarrassing story and believe it or not, I actually won a twitter party with this one. N and I were in the hallway at church. She was about eight months at the time so I was holding her. Somehow, she managed to pull the front of BOTH of the tops I was wearing (I always layer) down far enough that I flashed about thirty people with my leopard print bra. And did I mention already that I’m a pastor’s wife. Yep, it was awesome. *sigh*
Isn't she awesome?
You can find her on Facebook and Pinterest too!

{If you'd like to be "featured" in my bloggy shout outs... just contact me, and I'll get in touch!}
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  1. So nice to meet you MAMA:) I'll be hopping over to see you soon:)

  2. I would DIE if that happened to me! But at least it was a pretty bra and not a granny bra ;)

  3. Yay I love discovering new blogs. Thanks for posting. Off to check her out now :)


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