Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bloggy Shout Out: Meet the girls from A Dose of Lovely

Hello! It's Isabel & Carissa from A Dose of Lovely
We'd like to thank Lena for spotlighting us, isn't she just wonderful?

Since it's tricky to have two speak, I (Isabel) will just write for the both of us.

1. Why did you start blogging?  And what have you gained from it?

We both have a love for fashion, and had been stalking one another's blogs for a few months, I had really wanted to start a fashion blog for sometime now, as it would provide daily motivation get ready and try new things. Carissa was on board right away and we couldn't be happier with how well we work together! We have gained several new blogging friends and a daily motivation to present ourselves well, what more could we ask for?

2. Tell us something you're passionate about:

I think we would both agree that we are most passionate about our love of God and our families. We are both in new stages in our lives, I have been married for seven months, and Carissa is engaged to be married in November. So as you might assume, we are just a little passionate about those choice men in our lives. Additionally, we are passionate about bargains, spending less and getting more, and proving to the world that being fashionable is hardly about brand names, and more so about accentuating your own personal style.

3. Share a funny or embarrassing story about yourself

Isabel: Honestly, I am not one to get embarrassed often. I think embarrassing moments occurred so often in my childhood that I eventually became numb to their effects. However, a couple weeks ago I was biking with my husband on our conservative campus, and was hardly going 5 mph, but completely lost focus or control or my mind...something like that! Anyway, I ended up going straight for the bike rack, crashing, falling, and letting out some colorful words all along the way. All to look up and see a few friends that I hadn't seen in years. I'm sure they were impressed at how much I'd evolved. 

Carissa: Okay I've been debating whether or not I should share this embarrassing moment of mine... I don't even like to talk about it, that's how humiliated I still am to this day! But just for you guys... A couple years ago I was on a cruise and my friends, family and I were snorkeling in Jamaica. I was swimming along looking at the fish when some british kid tries to tell me something, I honestly couldn't understand what he was saying so I did the whole "uh huh, yeah" thing and minutes later my friend pulls me aside saying that my bathing suit top was riding up and parts were exposed! Ah! That's what the boy was trying to tell me! The worst part is I have no idea how long it was like that or who saw... mortifying.

Thanks again Lena!

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Aren't they sweet!?
Thanks again so much for participating girls! 
I love your blog and I'm sure my friends will too!

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