Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Anyone wanna guess...

... what Ruby's doing in that tree?

Isn't the look on her face priceless!?  "Uh oh! I've been caught!"

Actually, and sorry if this is TMI... but Ruby gets very nervous when she needs to go "number 2"... so her first instinct is to run and hide. Luckily, we know her well enough to go get her and let her know it's going to be okay... ahhh... the joys of parenthood!

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  1. Caught red faced and on camera! LOL

    What a cutie! The hiding to poo thing is pretty normal little person behavior from what I've heard :o)

  2. That first picture of her is priceless!

  3. She's so cute!!!Love these pictures!


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