Thursday, July 21, 2011

What We Saw On Our Walk

The kids and I have been walking a lot lately.  There's no reason we can't pretty much walk wherever we need to go.  They enjoy our little adventures, and it's a nice way to spend time with them!

The other day, I needed to go to the post office... Memphis asked me to bring my camera so he could take some cool pictures along the way. 

He started snapping away at totally random things, which was fine, but then I told him that sometimes the best pictures aren't the ones we see right away with our eyes.  Curious, as he is,  he wanted to know more... So, I showed him how to position the camera is a spot where it doesn't normally go, and I also sorta tried to explain the "macro" setting... Between the 2 of us, this is what we came up with!
{he helped choose some of the editing options too!}

As an added bonus, I received TWO editions of my Entertainment Weekly magazines {mail is still a bit wonky since the postal strike}... with Ryan Reynolds on one and Sookie & Eric on the other!  Awesome!

And this is where I put Ruby, so she can help sort the mail!
...and THESE are the puddles we found on our way home!

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