Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Uh oh.

Me: "what'd you do at daycare today?"
Ruby: "kissed Jack."
Me: "oh no! Ruby, boys are gross remember...?"
Ruby: "no. they're cute. really cute."

She's three and a half. 
Think I might be in for some trouble when she's a teenager...?
Help me!

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  1. Oh goodness me! That is sooo cute! I remember the first time my oldest kissed a girl, he was 9 ...... months! Honestly, kids today!

  2. Haaaa!!! Oh my gosh, too cute! (And yet, I get the worry. When she, at 3 1/2, is saying boys are "cute. really cute." - you may have your work cut out for you! ;)

  3. funny and dare I add a bit cute since she's not my own daughter doing the smooching?!

  4. Trouble in the teen years? Try in a 6 year old has had notes sent home from school saying she's been kissing her "boyfriend"! A few weeks ago he showed up at our house with flowers for her, how cute is that? But the kiss (on the lips) that followed was not so cute! I'm having a hard time with this at the age of 6!


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