Thursday, July 21, 2011

{ Thriftin' on Thursday }True Story

I finally own a pair of cowboy boots!  I've kind of been on a hunt for awhile.  I mean, I live in a farming community... I should own at least one pair, right?  Well, these boots are awesome. They were also only $5.  I found them last week in the little 'thrift shop' that operates from the basement of the local church on Thursdays.  They're super easy to get on, and almost impossible to get off... is that normal for cowboy boots?
I have no idea.
You love?  I do!

While there, I also grabbed about half a dozen other pieces I thought I would try on.  (First rule of thrifting is to try things on that you normally wouldn't, right?  Even if the sizes are wonky, you might end of falling in love with it and being able to 'fix it.'  For a buck or two, this is totally justified!)

Well, on this particular day, when entering the ladies room (no fitting rooms) I happened to walk in on an elderly woman changing... I literally saw granny panties.  For reals.  I can't even imagine seeing my own grandmother in her underwear, let alone a stranger!  I was a bit mortified, but I was greeted with a ''Don't mind me.  Just trying to find some shorts.  I've been eating too much cake and all my other ones are too small!'' (ha!!) ''Come on it! Plenty of room for two!''

Oh my gosh, she was too cute!

I, on the other hand, was a bit more modest and actually used one of the stalls to change.  Each time I came out, though, she was quick to offer her opinion!  ''Oh! I like that!'' ''Isn't that sweet!''

Moral of the story... go thrifting!  No doubt you'll be surprised at what you can find (& see, & meet!!)
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  1. where is the pic of the cowboy boots???

  2. @Stacy I know right!? Truth is I forgot to take a pic, and when I posted this I was too lazy to run upstairs and take one! Haha!
    You might see them someday in a 'WIWW' post or something! ;)

  3. Awwww, that lady sounds adorable!


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