Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Thought For Thursday {1}

Linking up with Mama Marchand's Musings for her very first "A Thought For Thursday" link up!
I think it's a wonderful idea!
Here is my thought for today:


I have tattoos.  My husband has tattoos.
It doesn't change the fact that he is one of the most sensitive people I know.
He has his moments, as we all do... but he genuinely cares about people and takes pride in whatever it is that he does.  
Tattoos, and other body mods, aren't for everyone but I try not to judge someone by the way they look, and would appreciate the same courtesy for myself and my family.  

I think we're a cool, very open-minded little family.  My kids don't look at people that are "different" and wonder "huh!?" because we are ALL different... and that's what make us special and unique.

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  1. I love that thought. Personally I don't have tattoos, its not really my thing, but I have known amazing people who have had them, and we def shouldn't judge someone based on that. We are all different! Which is glorious!

  2. Thanks for joining in my first linky! We have tattoos, too, and we love them ... always have! We want our daughter to grow up the same way ... appreciating others' differences!

    Love the picture. :)

  3. I love this. I have tattoos and want more. My husband has one and isn't too keen on the idea of me getting more. :(

  4. So so great! Love this thought! :)

  5. Very interesting. My husband has a full sleeve and I never thought twice about it :) I guess Brooke won't either now!

  6. Love this message! Contemplating a tat, against my mother's wishes...hopefully someday!!


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