Thursday, July 7, 2011

Me & My Mini-Me

I really love having a daughter.  
I always thought I wanted one of each gender, but after having Memphis I secretly hoped for "all boys."  I just loved my little man!
I don't know what I was thinking!  I am so happy to have been lucky to have been blessed with a daughter as well!  A little girl that enjoys doing girly things with me... buying shoes, doing our hair, painting our nails... :)  She constantly tells me that I'm beautiful and that she'll be a princess-mommy someday... how cute is that!?
She's also a ham for camera... as you have probably noticed!  ;)

I thought I'd snap a pic of myself the other day to "maybe" use in a "wiww" post, but who do you think popped into the frame at the last second!? My girly girl of course... in a pink bathing suit nonetheless!  :)

Linking up for the first time with the anderson crew for Embrace The Camera.
It's a great idea!
A prompt to get us in front of the camera with the people we love!  Check it out, and link up!

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  1. love your pic + your blog! ~d. :)

  2. I love having a daughter too! I call her a mini-me as well. We have so much fun together that I can't ever imagine not having her as my sidekick! Welcome to the ETC family!

  3. I wanted a daughter so badly. We have 3 boys and I can't imagine it any other way. But, we still think about adopting a girl. You daughter is adorable.

  4. welcome to your first embrace!! I have twin daughters and it's a blast!!! Enjoy her, she's adorable

  5. welcome to embrace! love the vintage look of the picture!

  6. sounds familiar! cute picture ;)

  7. Aw what a sweet photo of the two of you!

  8. I have two girlie-girls and one total jock girl. I love their unique personalities! Your photo is wonderful!

  9. Aw, so sweet! I definitely hope to have sons & daughters someday...I only have sisters, so I want a few sons, but I'd be sad if I didn't have at least one daughter to be girly with! ;)


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