Monday, July 25, 2011

Man Candy Monday...

This week I picked...
Ashton Kutcher!

{pics via Pinterest}

Name: Christopher Ashton Kutcher

Date of Birth: February 7, 1978

Married to: Demi Moore

In 1997 Ashton Kutcher was a biochemical engineering student at University of Iowa and was discovered by a local talent scout. He has a fraternal twin brother, Michael, and a sister, Tausha. He grew up in rural Homestead, Iowa, graduating from Clear Creek-Amana High School in Tiffin, Iowa. In 2010, Kutcher was named one of Time Magazine's Top 100 Most Influential People. He created The Demi and Ashton Foundation, to eliminate child sex slavery worldwide. Kutcher is an actor/producer and co-founder of Katalyst, a studio for social media.

Loved him as Kelso on That 70's Show... and in pretty much everything else he's done. He's just so gosh-darn adorable and... funny!  

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  1. Love him. Although I don't approve of his wife (yes there I said it) he's hot!;)

  2. Great choice! He's one of those guys (for me) that is just OK in pictures but on screen super hot. I'm weird like that lol.

    Thanks SO much for linking up!

  3. Man he's so quirky cute, i love it! :) Great choice!

  4. I didn't know he had such a small town background. Kinda makes me like him even MORE. ;)

  5. I LOVED him in That 70s Show! He is one of those hit or miss guys for me. Sometimes he's hot sometimes not. Can't wait to see what he does with Two and Half Men though :)


  6. Yay for both of us on the 100 for you and almost 100 for me!

    And Ashton Kutcher....YUM! Those funny guys always get me:)

    PS: You get two entries for being my first commentor! So Surprise #2 for you!


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