Friday, July 8, 2011

I Confess

I confess... 

That it's been ages since I've linked up with Mamarazzi for her Friday Confessionals...

That I'm uber excited that Big Brother is back on for the Summer!

That I'm sorta happy Brendan and Rachel are back... Annoying as they are, they bring a little cheese the show... which makes it awesome!!

That I really, really, really need to spruce up my underwear drawer... Seems like I only have a choice between patterned or plain granny panties lately?  Where'd my sexy ones go??  :(

That I opened a bag of Tostitos and a jar of salsa and that's my lunch.
That I have no idea what to make for supper tonight... take-out?

That I'm hoping to surprise Ruby with a new bike this weekend. She's been using Memphis' little tricycle and she has definitely outgrown it!

That I'm dragging out the last few pages of "Mockinjay" because I don't want it to end!  {The Hunger Games rock!  Can't wait for the movie!}

That I found these on Pinterest and couldn't stop giggling!


Feel like confessing??

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  1. Hurry, with the book, I'm eager to start it!!! and looking forward to the movie too.

    Don't sell the tricycle, keep it around for when Piper goes over ;)

  2. I know what you mean about the underwear, LOL. What happened to us?!

  3. My sexy panties just give me a wedgie. I'm all about the granny...the bigger the better. LOL.


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