Friday, July 8, 2011

Friendship Bracelets!

Remember these!?

 {image via Honestly WTF}

I just spent a little more than half an hour trying to remember how to make one!
I found this tutorial, and I gave it a whirl.
Not the greatest "first" attempt, but I think I'm going to have tons of fun this summer perfecting my technique! 
{I totally kicked ass at these when I was younger!! About as crafty as I ever was!}

If anyone would be interested in a swap, let me know!
They are "friendship" bracelets afterall... we could share the love!

{seriously, if anyone is up for a totally just for fun bracelet swap, send me your info!
if we have enough people that want to participate I'll set it up!}
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  1. i would so do this if money wasnt super duper tight...i don't have anything to make them with :(

  2. OMG I remember those! I also remember making some with a plastic type material too, I think those were easier!

  3. I LOVED these! I must have made a hundred of them. I'll totally do a swap :-O


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