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Bloggy Shout Out: Meet Jill!

I've decided that, as often as I can, I'm going to start introducing you to some of my favorite bloggy friends!

Up first, is Jill.

 This is someone I know "in real life." Sorta.
I'm a few years older than her, but we grew up a few towns away from each other and have some mutual friends. Through blogging, I've gotten to know her better and I think she's hilarious! 

You can find her blogs here & here... she's also on Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest!

I asked her describe herself & her blog... and I was sneaky and got her to answer some questions.
Read on to get to know her better and show her some love!


I’m a 27-year-old single girl, living and working in a small town, trying to make my dreams come
true, one at a time. I’m a daughter, a sister, an auntie, a friend. I’ve recently determined, with the help
of some bloggy friends, that I’m a “life blogger”. At Jill’s World, you’ll find stories about my family and
friends, crazy little situations I find myself in, along with some chatter on my favourite TV shows, my
favourite hockey team, my favourite music, along with a smattering of my favourite linky parties. I blog
about whatever my little heart desires, and it makes me so happy to know there are people out there
who are actually interested enough to read it!!

1. Why did you start blogging? And what have you gained from it?

I started blogging in September 2006. I had heard about this on-line journaling idea, where
family and friends could read my daily ramblings, and share their comments if they wanted to. I
liked the thought of having my own corner of cyberspace where I could write about whatever I
wanted. I’ve always had dreams about being a ‘real’ writer – you know, a professional. A novelist.
Unfortunately, all I ever did was write a few chapters, decide it was lame, and drop my next best-
seller like a hot potato. I started my blog with the idea that I would be keeping up my “mad writing
skillz”, for the day when that an awesome storyline hit me and it was time to sit down and pen my
prize-winning novel.

Here I am, over five years later. Still no best-seller to my name, but months upon months of blog
posts sharing my life, my thoughts, my passions, my musings. I’ve gained a love for blogging, a little
group of followers who I loved to hear from in the comments section (or via emails), a mass of posts
that I love to look back on and remember where I was in my life at that time, some really wonderful
interwebby friends...and I think, while I’m still far from great, I’ve gained a confidence in my writing
by sharing little bits and pieces with all of you in the blogosphere.

I just might get to that best-seller someday...

2. Tell us something you’re passionate about.

Music. I think, along with my dreams of being a world-famous author, I’ve always harboured a
secret desire to be a rock star. Okay, maybe not a rock star, exactly. But I’d love to be able to
stand up in front of people, play guitar well, and sing. To have people enjoy listening to me, and
want to sing along. I’m only mediocre when it comes to the guitar, and I fear that my voice is like
nails on chalkboard. But man, I love music. I love downloading new songs, discovering new talent,
and hearing a song and thinking, “Wonder if I could play that?” My music collection is vast and
eclectic, and I never know just exactly what mood I’m going to be in – I could wake up one day a
total country junkie, then the next day be dying to hear some techno-pop. I just never know. I love
it all.

And I have a massive crush on young Elvis Presley.

3. Share a funny or embarrassing story about yourself.

Oh, I have a multitude of funny and embarrassing stories about myself. But today, I will finally share
with the world (or at least the people who are reading this) the one that still makes me cringe to
this day. This is the story that I listed in my high school yearbook grad bio as my Most Embarrassing
Moment: The Winchester Bathroom Incident ’98.

My family had packed up one winter weekend and headed to Winchester, a small town a few
hours away from home, where my younger brother’s hockey team was playing in a tournament.
Upon arriving at our motel (it was called Motel 36. Classy.), we discovered that the parent who had
booked the rooms for the entire team had found us extremely sketchy lodging for the weekend.
The motel was small, run down, and almost looked like small apartments that the owners had kicked
the tenants out of for the weekend. There was a jar of peanut butter in the cupboards of the little
kitchenette in ours. One family inspected their room and promptly hit the road in search of the
nearest Howard Johnson.

But my mom had given our room the once-over, and despite the jar of peanut butter in the
cupboard, she had concluded it would suffice for the weekend. The bed sheets were clean, and that
was enough for her.

I should take a moment to mention that one of the boys on my brother’s hockey team at the time
was a long-time crush of mine. Like, serious adolescent adoration. I thought the world of The Boy,
and would’ve done anything to try to impress him.

After everyone had staked out their rooms, they all returned to ours for a while before heading to
the arena. The parents were having a few drinks, the kids were sitting around talking and laughing.
I was likely trying to get as close to The Boy as possible.

At one point, I excused myself to go to the washroom. I discovered, upon planting my rear on the
toilet seat, that the john in our room was extremely wobbly. Dangerously wobbly. I still have no
idea how it happened, but after doing my business and attempting to stand, the whole toilet bowl
somehow tipped over.

I WISH I was joking right now.

It made a loud crash as it toppled over, toilet water flooding the small room, and I stood there
completely shocked. Before I had a chance to jump into panic mode – and before I even had a
chance to pull up my pants – the bathroom door (which, incidentally, didn’t have a lock , surprise
surprise) flew open, and there stood my dad, a few of the other dads, and a bunch of the boys,
including The Boy. I tried to slam the door shut, but they saw me before I could do so.

I was utterly mortified. The room cleared out pretty quickly. I think I cried for about three hours
straight, and swore I was never leaving the room, never going to school, never going out in public,
ever again.

My mom gently coaxed me back into the world, later that day, in time to go to the game. And after
the game, as we sat around at the rink, I was teased relentlessly, but by then I had made up my
mind that I would laugh about it instead of hide from it. I even tried not to turn about 300 shades of
red when I heard The Boy asking someone if they’d heard about “the queen falling off the throne”.

It remains one of the most humiliating moments of my life. But really. How could you not laugh,
right?! These things only happen to me…

Thanks Lena for inviting me to be a part of your Shout Out! So very honoured and thrilled to be


Thank you, Jill!
I look forward to reading your blog(s) every day!

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  3. Thanks again for picking me, Lena! Much blog love right back at ya!! :)

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  8. Ya know, I totally love that you are doing this!! I ADORE Jill and think its cool you know her in real life, 'sortof' hah! :)


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