Monday, June 13, 2011

Yay for Monday!

Say what!?
Haha... yes, I am excited about today, Monday
But only because it's the start of my last week of work before I'm on holidays for 2 weeks! woohoo!
Do I have any major plans?  Nope.
Just the idea of not having to set an alarm or drag the kids out of bed before they're ready is enough for me.
I'm hoping to hit up a couple of splash pads, water parks or beaches (weather permitting)... maybe indulge in a museum (or two)... afternoon trips to the library (kids LOVE the library)... shopping (I wish!)... picnics & BBQs galore!
Sounds fun, right?
It's actually the first time in a REALLY.LONG.TIME that I'm taking so much time off... I've usually just taken an extra day off before (or after) a long weekend or random days here & there.  
I'm excited!!
What are you summer plans?  Are you taking holidays? 

p.s. See Bridesmaids if you haven't already!  Loved it!
p.p.s I'm still open for a few more questions... anything you want to know... just ask!
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  1. We are still deciding what to do this year...we never take a week off or two for that matter (mostly because I really don't have the leave and Ricky saves his time for hunting) but we take days here and there...we are thinking of maybe African Lion Safari...Parc Omega is an every year thing too (which is getting boring) - and I am hoping to hit Mont Cascades - as they have a bigger kiddie area that Maddy will enjoy!

  2. Hmmm... it is always a good feeling to know that the following days are free of work and schedules.
    It is fun to plan and activities and also of knowing that there will be days of just lazing around the house or be a couch potato and not be guilty of being so....Enjoy!


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