Saturday, June 25, 2011

what we did when it rained

And it has rained A LOT around here in the past few days.  Other than being stuck inside, we haven't really been "affected" by it, but there has been major flooding and even parts of the highway have been washed out. Nuts. 

In an attempt to ward off cabin fever... the kids and I got crafty!
Yep, I got my craft on!
That never happens!  

Using stuff I already had lying around {which wasn't much}, I finally made myself a new necklace holder

I used an old frame that I had found in my mother-in-law's basement
It had already been painted purple. Perfect!
Next, I used thumbtacks to pin into place a 'backing.'  I grabbed the pile of art the kids brought home and cut out the size I needed.  I screwed in some small hooks... and I was done!  It was so easy
I think it turned out okay.  For having just  used what I had at hand, it's something I could have done a long time ago!  I was so sick of seeing my necklaces in boxes and just thrown on my dresser!

Then, the kids and I finally got around to opening the Alex Paper Bag Puppet kit they got for Christmas!
{I actually picked this up at a huge toy sale in November for $5, and I'm kicking myself for not picking up more than 1... it was such a big hit!}
We ran out of glue, so we had to use tape... but who cares!  They turned out great!  :)

We ended the day with a little... foot spa!
Cuz... why not?  ;)

So, that's what we did!  We made the best of it!

Today is, unfortunately, another rainy day. I'm thinking of bringing my little guy to see Cars 2.
Has anyone seen it yet?  Is it worth going?
Happy Weekend!
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  1. We took Maddy to see Cars 2 was really good! Memphis will enjoy it!

  2. What a great weekend! Good job on the necklace holder, very crafty. :)


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