Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

I only have photos from one day... yesterday. And only because it was already Tuesday, and I really wanted to link up to The Pleated Poppy!  ;)

...argh, nice face!  Bad pic!

Shirt: thrifted
Ruffled tank:  Old Navy
White denim pants - Sears
Nude flip flops - Zellers
Necklace - BrittanyChavers

p.s. Hubby hated this outfit!  Called it atrocious! lol. 
I was comfortable, thought it was cute and got a couple compliments on it... so who knows!  
I think I was right, and he was wrong!  ;)

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  1. I love your style! Love thrifty finds!! Love the necklace might invest in one myself! Happy Wednesday! xo

  2. Very nice - and it seems very light for this hot weather!! HOLY MOLY is your hair ever getting long - i think i have only seen you with short hair!

  3. Atrocious? Guys can be plain crazy when it comes to fashion. Very cute - especially that necklace!

  4. Love that jacket and your necklace very cute!!!

  5. I love the pop of yellow! And I'm lovin' your blog, just found it linked on Pleated Poppy!

    Ask the Duplex

  6. I think it's ADORABLE! Keep it up!

    -Sar (found you randomly through blog friends)

  7. My husband never likes my favorite, most comfortable outfits. I go off other people's compliments through the day too. I love it and the necklace! WWIW


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