Thursday, June 23, 2011

Seriously Thursday?!


Seriously... It's raining again?  It rained all day yesterday and the kids drove me crazy!!  haha.

Seriously... I totally got my craft on yesterday.  I made a necklace holder for myself {post to come}, and some paper bag puppets for the kids.  Probably didn't think I had it in me, right?  Surprise!!

Seriously... we're on holidays, and even though I have to drag Ruby out of bed at 7:30 on normal days, today she was up at 5:30!

Seriously... she claimed it was because the cat was driving her bonkers!

Seriously... my sister got a blackberry and I'm totally jealous!  I've been eyeing the iPhones lately, though.  Maybe I'll pick one up in the next few months.  I haven't had a cell phone in years!  So embarrassing, eh?

Seriously... can't wait until pay day.  So totally broke.  Which makes a rainy day even worse cuz we're stuck at home!  :S

Seriously... didn't think this post would sound so whiny!  Sorry, but it felt good to get some of this off my chest!

Seriously... so true quote:
                                                                            Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

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  1. Looks like another rainy day...what about making tents or a movie day! Snuggle and cuddle on the couch (or in homemade tents) LOL

  2. Loved this post and your blog so cute! I loved the quote in the first pic about rainy days so true...OMG when it's raining we head to the movies to get Kelcee out of the house LOL...that's funny your little girl claimed the kitty woke her up that's what mine says too and she always wakes at 5 am....ooooh a blackberry how fun....I still don't have one or an iphone...I have a nice cell phone just not that nice LOL....yay for getting your craft on...I will follow you when blogger stops being weird and will show the follow button so I can LOL


  3. Get a blackberry so we can BBM all day :D

  4. Your not the only cellphoneless one! I had one and decided to get rid of it a few months ago. I was paying about $50/month and never used it! I do miss it though. I went to the city last week and had to use the payphone several times - I felt like everyone was looking at me funny - who uses a payphone anymore?!?!?! Oh well, $50 more a month in my pocket!!

  5. Haha I love the cat comment. I have a Droid & I love it.

  6. Yeah I'm ready for the rain to go away and my kids are driving me nutty too. I'm your newest follower :)


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