Thursday, June 9, 2011


I had a meeting with Ruby's educator this morning. 
{done routinely, twice a year}
I love these meetings.  Even though I'm lucky to be able to chat quickly with the kids' educators at drop off & pick up times, this allows to go a bit deeper to see how the kids are doing.

As I was expecting, Ruby is doing really great.  But...

Of course there's a BUT... she's 3! ;)

Apparently, she's been getting a bit bossy, demanding and rude.
{not all the time, or even everyday}
Lots of "Give me that toy!" instead of "Can I play with the toy when you're finished?" type things.

Her educator is going to start a 'behavior reward chart.'  If she gets 4 stickers a day (and I think the day is divided into 7 or 8 parts: play, snack, play, lunch, play, rest, play, snack, etc.) then she is to be rewarded  by ME. 
I don't want to bribe her with candy EVERY single day... I'm thinking a trip to the candy store at the end of the week as her "big treat" would be more appropriate, so I'd welcome ideas on super special "mom & me" things I can do with her at the end of the day.  Stuff to get her really excited, but that won't take away too much the time I already have to divide between her & Memphis.
{plus, I'm pretty sure there's a chart in Memphis' future as well... lol}

We already paint our nails, read books, play outside... I could bake her a cake or something like that..
{the way to Ruby's heard is definitely through her sweet tooth stomach}

Are there other "girly" things I could do with her?  I could get her inexpensive treats like new sidewalk chalk & bubbles on occasion as well.  Maybe I could start a little garden or get her flowers?  


p.s.  Kind of unrelated, but since we're talking about Ruby, Hubby and I are always saying Ruby reminds us of Peppermint Patty from The Peanuts cartoons... lol.
Someday soon I want to dress her in a similar outfit and see if there is a real resemblance... would that be cute!?  haha!

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  1. Treat her to McDonald's ;)

    or... maybe a sleepover at your place with Piper :D

  2. @Amanda
    I think she'd be more excited abouta sleepover at YOUR place with Piper... are you offering?

  3. I was going to say painting nails but since you already do that..
    What about taking her alone to the park one evening...given that Hubby is home to keep Memphis entertained...
    Let her choose what to have for supper?
    Maddy loves bubble baths, maybe let her have bubbles in her bath one night...
    Take them to Norway Bay beach to cool off one evening...
    Buy sprinkles and stuff and let her make her own ice cream sundae for dessert (or have pizza that night and have a dessert pizza for dessert)...

  4. How about asking Ruby what she wants for a reward? Within reason, of course! Maybe see if she'd be interested in painting on a t-shirt. She can have Ruby designer clothing. ;) Or have her decorate a cake or cupcakes. Maybe taking a trip to a special local playground she'd really enjoy? Good luck!


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