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A couple weeks ago, I let you all know you could ask me anything.
This is what Jill wanted to know:

Maybe you've already talked about this and I just don't remember...but what was the inspiration behind your kids' names? They have such unique names, especially Memphis - love it! Just wondered if they were names you just liked, or if there was a special reason for choosing them :) 
Great question!  I love, love, love talking about baby names.  I think it's one of most fun {and important} decision you get to make as a parent.

I always thought my first son's name would be Harrison. {yes, after George Harrison of The Beatles}
And I wanted to give him my grandfather's "real" last name as his middle name... Mitchell.
{my grandfather was adopted by his older sister & her husband and took their last name, Hill, so I wanted to bring Mitchell back}

However, when we found out we were expecting... maybe even a few months before that... hubby suggested "Memphis."  I loved it, but I wasn't sold.  So I went out and bought a few baby name books, scoured the pages and couldn't find anything that sounded as "right" as Memphis did.  So we decided on Memphis Mitchell. And I love it!

As for Ruby, it had been on our fave list FOREVER. I think we just assumed that this would be the name of our future daughter... but by the time it came to decide on a name, I think we both felt that it had been brought up so much that it kind of lost it's "zest."  So we came up with another list.  I had everything from Ramona, Madden, Josephine, Ivy to Winter, Vivian and Clementine.  I think we were 90% sure we were going with Ramona Jo. {after hubby's grandfather, Joseph}
But minutes after the gender ultrasound confirmed we were having a girl, we both looked at each other and said "Ruby Ramona." Ta-da!  Perfect!

The fact that the first & middle names start with the same letter wasn't "planned" but I like it.  I also love the fact that both of their names have a musical reference... Memphis is the birthplace of Rock n' Roll, and Ramona is after The Ramones.  Plus, there are a ton of songs with Memphis in them, as are there tons of songs about "Ruby."  We love singing them to our kids.

Their names fit them to a tee.  Pretty sure we gave them the greatest names. ;)
Please share your naming stories too!

Cute story, as soon as Memphis was born, this song started playing.  It was such a special moment!
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  1. It's so nice when you have a reason for naming kids what you name them...makes it nice to tell them about it and how they were named as they are growing up. Madyson was picked because...well we both agreed on that name and Gail is her middle name, after Hubby's mom (who passed away when Hubby was only 7)!

  2. It's always so interesting & special to me, hearing about how others name their kids. I enjoyed this! :)

  3. Such beautiful names.

    I had always liked the name Zoe but never mentioned it to my husband because he had shot down all of my girl names. At that time I was stuck on the name Ava and he hated it. So we had a boys name picked out but could not for the life of us agree on a girls name. We gave it a rest until we found out the gender of our baby, turns out we were having a girl haha. So I scoured the internet and baby name books and wrote down some that I like but wasnt in love with. Ave, Zoe and Ashlynn were my top three names. I gave my list to my husband and said pick a name out of this and that's what we are naming her. To my surprise he chose Zoe. Zoe means life and it fits perfect. We werent sure on her middle name though. We found out we were pregnant the same month that my SIL had her son. When he was a week shy of five months he passed away from what they say was SIDS because they can not find any other reason. His middle name was Asher. We decided Zoe's middle name was going to be Ashlynn in honor of him.

  4. Great posts! I can talk about baby names all day. Ivy is are top contender right now if we ever have another girl!

  5. I agree that Memphis & Ruby totally suit them.
    We had picked out Cassandra's boy name before finding out we were having a girl. We named her Cassandra Alyssa because we could agree on it and its very girly to me.
    Ryan John Raymond is named after my grandfather (John) and Rob's father who (Raymond) passed away in 1996 and the R in Ryan is because ALL Rob's siblings (from his dad) begin with R.
    Cohen Robert is named after his daddy and Cohen (a jewish last name)I had picked out after reading in a newspaper about a boy named Cohen. Also I was the office manager for the Jewish camp, B'nai Brith when I was pregnant.
    Ashton Jordan is a name we could both agree on (Rob loves Ashton Kutcher)and Jordan for the J (for me).
    If one of the babies I miscarried had been a girl we had already decided on Isabella.
    Sorry for the long comment, I have too many kids LOL.

  6. Some of your story sounds so familiar! We have had our future son's (we both really want a boy first but will be happy with either when the time comes) name picked out for years. We dated 5.5 years before getting married and even before getting married we had the name. (I loved it and he did too when I told him I had to have it. We're going to pair it with my hubby's middle name and it was a done deal.) As for a girl though, we can't come up with anything we agree on. lol His taste and mine are way opposite. Another reason to hope we have a boy first. haha.

  7. I love the stories behind your kids' names - so unique, and so personal to you! Awesome!! Thanks for answering my question :)

  8. Oh, and PS - I think I've told you this before, but I ADORE that Elvis was playing right after Memphis was so appropriate!!! :)

  9. I love your kiddos names, they are both unique and so great. Cole's name is pretty common and has not great story behind it...Ryan chose it and I didn't like I agreed to it though (not sure when?!). Obviously it's grown on me now and he's definitely a Cole. ;)

  10. Ruby is my grandmother's name (and her sister's name was Opal, cute right?) so I think I want to pass it on to my daughter. LOVE it!


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