Monday, June 27, 2011

Man Candy Monday...

Yay!  It's Monday!  Hottie Day over at Join The Gossip.
Today I'm totally crushing on Cam Gigandet {how on earth is his last name pronounced!?!}

I only really ever knew him as James in the Twilight series... but in the past week or two I've seen him in Burlesque {HE made it watchable} and The Roomate {again, he was one of the better parts of the movie}

According to IMDb, he also portrayed Danny Romalotti Jr. in 2004 and was on The O.C. at some point too. Boy's been around... why I haven't I noticed him before?? 

Yummy!  And he's a daddy... "awwwww..."

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  1. I remember when he was on The OC - I think he was the reason for Marissa's eventual demise, he was a bad boy! But oh-so-yummy!! ;)

  2. He is hot, but I can't quite forgive him for killing Marissa on The O.C. I had no idea he was a father!

  3. Oh yeah, he is hot hot hot hot! I LOVED him in Burlesque too, where you got to see him pretty naked. Mmmmmmm.....

    Really great choice!

  4. Note to self: Rent BURLESQUE...ASAP!!!!! ;)

  5. OK the picture of him with the baby is adorable!

    He's a great choice, very hot!

    Thanks for linking up :)

  6. Love him!!! And yes he's hot, super hot. :) I noticed him in the O.C. and was kinda hooked...haha! ;)

  7. I agree ladies...

    he's a hottie,

    so Yum! and the boy can act too.

  8. WOW, I forgot how cute he was! Love him as James, need to check out the other films!


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