Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

What a beautiful day!
I hope you all spent some time with the daddies in your lives!
I was a bit sad that hubby had to work, but the kids gave him his present this morning and the photo I took & framed {below} brought tears to his eyes!  For reals!
We love him so much!

...and the icing on the cake was that I was also able to spend a few hours at my parents place with my Daddy.  Best guy!  He's so funny and such a great grandfather to my kids... ♥

I also spent a few hours walking around town and playing in the park with the kids today.
A quick stop to the $1 store and some ice cream was all that we needed to make it a perfect outing!  Hopefully I'll have the chance to post a few pics this week!  :)
The weather is almost too good to be true. Seriously, I'm really lucking out in that department so far {on my holidays!!}.
Hoping it's a nice day again tomorrow so we can hit up the beach for the first time this summer!  

Another giveaway planned for this week too!  Awesome!!
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  1. Have a great vacation!
    Very nice picture for JC...turned out really good!


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