Wednesday, June 8, 2011


As soon as I wrote that title, I couldn't get this out of my head...
loves it!

Anyway I decided to play around with my blog design a tad.
I went for an even more "simple" look than I had before.  
Like it?
I'm a no fuss kind of gal... and with it finally feeling like Summer, I wanted to brighten things up around here.
{and I added some 'purple'}
My blog is like my hairstyle, I get bored easily!
{with the look, not the blog}

Speaking of hairstyles, I pinned this...

It can't really be THAT easy, can it?!?  I might try it tonight...

And now... back to Bowie!  Another great tune, just for YOU!

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  1. Hi Lena:

    It's easier if you point your curling rod down rather than up. :)

  2. Love the new look, please take pictures if you do that look. I'm not daring or patient enough to attempt anything different. :)

  3. The new blog design is great, Lena!

    Wish I could figure out how to do cool stuff with my hair...I'm not patient enough to do anything but straighten it! haha!

    Bowie = Awesome :)


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