Friday, June 17, 2011

ARGH! Blogger's being weird again!

I just noticed this morning that (more than) half of this post is missing? 
Anyone else see it last night?  I was on a few times and it was all there.
I had answered another of Stacy's question, and also answered the one from Jill about my children's names... And it was a good answer!  Very detailed.  :(

Has this happen to anyone else?  Do you think the rest of the post will magically re-appear at some point? 

Such a bummer!!
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  1. I just saw my first question and I thought that meant you were just answering one at a time! Very wierd! I checked the blogger buzz and doesn't seem to be any outstanding problems!

  2. @Stacy

    Haha... well, I guess I will have to just have to do that... now! Sheesh. I hope I can remember what I wrote! ;)


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