Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Zoo Trip {Day One}

The day started early for me... I wasn't finished packing and I wanted to tidy the house a bit before we left.  I let the kids sleep as long as possible, I knew it was going to be a long day and didn't want anyone to be cranky!  But I arrived at my sister's on schedule, and was happy to see my niece wearing a VERY appropriate tee.  The weather was still super iffy.  We needed all the luck we could get!

Once the vehicles were packed up, we took off! 
No road trip is complete without a box of these....

The ride was pretty uneventful.  The kids were settled in with their movie (Megamind was the movie of choice... they must have watched it half a dozen times during the trip!), and I was cozied up in the passenger seat.

We made it about 3/4 of the way there before stopping for our first bathroom break.  We stopped at a really nice OnRoute stop.  Really clean (bonus!) and they had an A&W!  Woohoo!  It definitely hit the spot and we were ready to continue on our way.  The kids were still behaving themselves even though neither of mine napped AT ALL!  Oh, how I miss naps. 

We arrived around 3pm, and checked it to our adjoining rooms (yay!).  We let the kids explore the rooms a bit, we stretched our legs, did a bit of unpacking and decided to head to Vaughn Mills Mall just outside Toronto.  There was a hunting store or something that my brother-in-law wanted to check out, and I was super excited cuz they had an H&M!  I've never stepped foot inside a REAL one before... Ooooh!  It was like Christmas!  Haha.

It took forever to get there. Hello Rush Hour.  But so worth it.  Oh my. I could have told my family to just leave me there.  It was heaven.  Truly.  The most beautiful mall I've ever seen!  I made a couple purchases at H&M and Forever 21 and it was time to leave.  The kids were getting tired and hungry and we were all pooped from the long day of traveling.   

 Our real adventure was going to start bright & early the next day....
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