Monday, May 30, 2011

we've been DUPED... again!

We got an adorable little kitten a couple weeks back... remember?  The cutest orange fuzzball EVER, and we named her Clementine.  Fitting because she is orange and also because it's on the top of our favorite names list and was a top contender when I was pregnant, since we aren't planning on any more children, I really wanted a chance to use this name...

We've had a bit of bad luck with kittens over the past year.  We tried twice before, taking in strays, hoping they would blend in well with our family. It's important to us that our kids have a pet.  Silas (the first one we took in thinking it was a female) thought he was a panther or a puma or something and wasn't very friendly or happy to be stuck inside.  The second, whom we named Dallas and KNEW he was a male, was alot older and although affectionate, just to 'wild' for us.  Plus, he had a nasty habit of spraying that wouldn't necessariliy be fixed by being neutrered.  Both went to live at my parents farm (where they are VERY happey) and we swore that was it. No more cats.

Then a friend posted a pic of the kittens his cat had just had.  So cute, right.  We remained firm with out decision ''no, we're not getting another cat.''  But then another picture with a ''to giveaway, free, or will probably be put down'' caption.  What!?  I fell in love with that little kitten face a hundred times over and talked Hubby into bringing her home.  

Lovely cat.  Just adorable.

Today was her first vet appointment for vaccinations.  
Clementine is a HE!  Yes, we've been duped again.  I should have known better.  A few times, I looked at my hubby and asked ''are you sure it's not a boy...?'' I'm a country girl, afterall.  I should have been able to tell the difference.  To be fair, she he is quite little still (only 9 weeks old) and fluffy "down there" so it's an amateur mistake.  Oops!


I started typing this at work after I got "the call."  But my hubby is a great liar, and he tricks me with things like this all the time!  So before posting, I thought it best to come home and Google it.  I typed in Sexing kittens and landed on this very graphic informative site.
{no need to click on the link unless you REALLY want to know how to tell the difference!}
To be honest, even after reviewing all the info & pics online AND examining her his little parts, I'm still not entirely convinced.  :S

Luckily, she he is young enough that we'll be able to get him back to the vet by the time he's 6 months to be neutered... before his natural instincts to spray kick in (I hope!). 

The only FUN part of this is coming up with a new name for our little man kitty.


I've playing around on Nymbler trying to find just the PERFECT one!
(any excuse to look up baby names, really!  I never tire of doing that!)
So far, I like:  August, Valentin, Maverick, Lincoln, Kingston, Rocco, Gideon, Wiley, Madden, Zeke, Cash...
Will have to run these by the rest of the family...
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  1. This story made me laugh! When my cousins were younger, they took in a RACCOON...Seriously. And they named him Bandit.

    Almost a year after Bandit joined the family, they discovered "he" was a girl, so they renamed her Florence!! haha!!

    My vote on the names you listed are Maverick or Cash!! :)

  2. I think Wiley might be if you anticipate a wild kitty
    I like Zeke!

  3. Lincoln and Cash on my favorite

  4. Jill, we actually took in a racoon when I was young too! Haha! We named it Tipsy cuz it was always falling over. True story. Sad, though. I think it had some muscle disease which is why it was always falling over... :S
    Maverick and Cash are my faves. I would totally use those on real kids too! ;)

  5. That is too funny!! I thought my aunt was the coolest person in the world for letting her boys take in a racoon!!
    Maverick makes me think Top Gun, my fave movie. And Cash is just an extremely cool name. Either would be awesome!!


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