Wednesday, May 4, 2011

So What!

Always so many fun things to link up with on Wednesday!  Love hump day!
First time linking up for So What! Wednesday with Shannon at  Life After I "Dew"

So What if it's cold and I'm wearing flats without socks... I hate socks.  There's no snow on the ground, so I'm good to go!

So What if my living room looked like this when I left this morning.  It's actually alot tidier than it usually is most mornings, I'll worry about it when I get home.

So What if even though I'm home for lunch I'm blogging instead of tidying up my living room!

So What if I bought this Anthropologie Bib necklace for myself for Mother's Day.  It was a steal on Ebay, and I deserve it!  ;)

So What if the ''new'' van we bought is actually 11 years old and missing part of it's bumper.  It was super affordable, it runs well and is in pretty good shape.  Best of all it'll save us a car payment for a year (or two! I hope!).

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  1. Hmm- sounds like a Dave Ramsey car!

    Popping over from SWW

  2. Never heard of So What Wednesday before, but it's a crack up. What a great idea.

    Also, that necklace is AWESOME. Whatever you paid for it, it was worth it 'cause you deserve it for Mother's Day. (:

    Find me at Just Take a Bow.


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