Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My very first....

.... GIVEAWAY is in the works! 

As you  must know by now from reading my blog, I am an Etsy addict!  I just love all the cool, unique, fun, whimsical & girly things I stumble upon.  Especially the jewelry & accessories... I'm a total sucker for a funky necklace!

If I can get the word out and gain a few more followers, I will be hosting a 
''Finally Fifty Followers Giveaway!''  

I'm not going to spill all my beans at once (wink, wink), but it'll be for something really pretty.  Promise!  
So, go ahead... feel free to pass along a link to my blog, or if you're a lurker... why not make if official?  ;)

The quicker I get to 50, the quicker YOU have the chance to win something really special

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  1. Excited...everyone click FOLLOW

  2. Ohh...exciting!! Can't wait!

  3. I LOVE giveaways!!!!
    Hope you get to 50 fast!!

  4. YAY! Giveaways :)


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