Monday, May 30, 2011

Memphis Monday: Training Wheels

Memphis has always been fairly cautious... so much so that his outlook on whether or not to take the training wheels off his bike was "But why? They keep me from falling. Duh."  True.  So true.  I think I was near 7 years old before my parents finally convinced me to take mine off, so I totally understood where my little dude was coming from.  

However, a month or so ago, he wanted them off. He tried a handful of times {with us holding onto him} but he just couldn't get it and he gave up.  I wasn't going to press the issue.  The training wheels weren't going back on,  and I knew when he set his mind to it, he'd get it.  He's smart & stubborn.

Last week, hubby picked him up an hour or so early from daycare.  Between that time, and the time I got home... he had learned to ride his bike... sans training wheels!!  I was so proud!  I so wish I had a pic to post here, but he's been just so speedy on that thing, I have yet to catch a good glimpse of him with my camera! 

He did rush out in a hurry one day and didn't put on his helmet.  tsk. tsk.  The road was a bit slick from the rain we'd had (all day), and he fell. Mind you, he wasn't going fast, but he whacked the side of his face pretty good and has a nasty bruise to show for it.  Of course, I'm sad that he hurt himself... BUT it did teach him a valuable lesson about wearing his helmet!  Not once did he leave this house this weekend without putting it on first.  And the little boy he was riding around with WASN'T even wearing one... but he told me that he knows now how important it is.  Lesson learned.  

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Happy Monday!
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  1. Yeah for those first moments of riding a bike! It's such a joy for parents to see.

    And, ah yes, the helmet -- I get that. In fact, thanks for reminding me that I need to get a new helmet for my oldest boy.

    Have a great Monday

  2. ouch. i remember falling a lot when i was learning to ride a bike. i hope he's okay and he gets back up!

    new follower, please stop on by..

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