Wednesday, May 4, 2011



It's Wednesday again, and I'm linking up with Seriously Shawn, Impulsive Addict, Janette and Mamarazzi for We Want To Know. 

1. If money didn't matter, where would your perfect vacation take place?  Briefly describe.
For sure, right now, if money didn't matter I would take my kids & my family to Disney World.  I never had the chance to go when I was young, so I'd love for my kids to experience that.  I would go all out, not skimp on anything!  

2. What's a bad habit that you have {or had} that is/was hard to break?
I've been a nail biter forever... a few weeks before my wedding, I decided to stop biting them so they'd be long enough to put on acrylic nails.  I did "okay" with that.  I kept up the 'fake' nails for a few months and got used to not biting.  Since then, I've pretty much stopped.  As long as I have a nail file handy in case one chips or is getting too long AND especially when I'm wearing polish.  No more fake nails for me... these babies are all mine!  I'm so proud!  haha

3. If you weren't on a diet or counting calories, what would you like to have for dinner tonight?
A heaping plate of spaghetti and... garlic bread! 

4. If you had the chance to interview anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be and what's one question that you would ask.
Elvis Presley, at the beginning of his career.  "Do you have any idea how big you're going to be!?"

 5. Describe yourself in 6 words.
 Mother, wife, sister, daughter, happy, simple.
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  1. I thought about Elvis too. I'd love to know where he got his moves. I really doubt it was from Forrest Gump!

  2. Elvis is one of those people I would have liked to have known because he seemed a lot different than his showman persona.

  3. I agree with Disney...I never got to go as a kid either and I want Maddy to experience it, but also need to start saving for it!

  4. I'm with you on the spaghetti and Elvis! lol!! Imagine getting to do that interview? It would be amazing...

  5. Those are some simple words to describe yourself :)
    Disney would be definitely one of my places, if I could go to Europe first. I've never been of these days.

  6. I want a week on a beach before tackling Disney. It's a great place to visit and having money not be a problem makes it wonderful to visit.

  7. I would love to take my boys to Disneyland, but I would have to leave the youngest one with a sitter, he gets awfully cranky if he doesn't get his way.

    Spaghetti and garlic bread are absolutely delicious! I chose that for my dinner too =]

  8. We would live at WDW if we could. :D

    Any kind of pasta is on my ideal meal plan. YUM!

    So glad I found this link-up through Mamarazzi- I'm having the best time meeting new bloggers. Can't wait to check out more of your blog when I have some time. :)

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