Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day At The Museum

I can officially scratch 2 more items off my 101 List #34 Bring Memphis to a museum for the first time#72 Go on a field trip with the kids from daycare and .  Yay!

Last Friday I took the day off to go on a field trip with the kids.  I haven't gone on many lately because I've been busy at work and couldn't justify taking the time off... BUT this time was different.  It is likely the last "daycare" field trip Memphis will be taking AND it was going to be his first time going to a museum!  I couldn't miss it!  If you know Memphis, you know that this is right up his alley.  He LOVES learning, and loves anything relating to dinosaurs, sharks, animals, etc.  
I'm so happy that I was able to experience it with him.  I will definitely go back again with him, but next time I'll leave Ruby at home!  She had fun, but it's so not her thing!  It was a great day!
Here are some pics I took to remember it by!

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