Thursday, May 12, 2011

Darn Weather!

We've been planning a trip to the Toronto Zoo FOREVER... and we're 1 sleep away from leaving on our 
little adventure and the weather forecast SUCKS!  'sigh'
The kids are so looking forward to it.  And it was a trip to celebrate my niece's second birthday.  The hotel is booked, the bags are {almost} packed, and I'm constantly checking the weather network for signs that it'll be okay.  We don't mind a cloudy day.
A big reason we chose to go early in the season was to not have to worry about it being too hot for the kids. It's a long day, and alot of walking.  But rain?  A little, we could handle for sure.  It might even be fun.
I've googled it (I Google everything) and many people have said that going in the rain has it's advantages.  The crowds will be smaller, there are still alot of interior exhibits you can sneak into if it starts to really pour, and the colors on some of the animals are just wild when their feathers or fur gets wet... so could be very interesting.
I think the plan is to check out the forecast tonight/tomorrow a.m. and see what the P.O.P is.  If there's a 90% chance of t-storms, then I doubt we'll go.  But if there's only a 30% of light rain or showers, I think we'll brave it.
I'll be packing my rubber boots, just in case!
Wish us luck, and if anyone has an old wives tale that could help with the rain situation, please feel free to share!

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  1. Well the weather as already changed a little bit in our favor.

  2. Well at the beginning of the week it was calling for a rainy weekend, then I think I checked again like Tuesday and it was sunny all weekend and now back to rain...that sucks...but I hear ya on picking a good time to go - when we went to the Toronto Zoo, it was stupid humid and hot and the animals wouldnt even come we didn't see much. My friends grandmother hangs rosary beads or something out on the clotheslines to prevent rain on occasions...she did it for our Grad I remember and it worked...find someone that can do that for you???


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