Tuesday, May 31, 2011

crack 'o dawn

There was NOTHING on TV last night, it was hot out (finally!) and I was super tired... so I went to bed early. At 9:00 p.m. (!!), fell asleep almost immediately and slept really well (soooooo well!).  The downside to going to bed so early is that I was wide awake at... wait for it... 4:30 a.m.!  Seriously!?
FYI - not actual representation of my laundry & dishes (my laundry looked a lot messier than that... but dishes & sink were much cleaner & neatly piled!)

I'm on my second cup of tea, second load of laundry and I already the dishes that I let pile up yesterday (I had a good excuse... it was hot in the house since Hubby didn't set up our A/C yet).  I might throw caution to the wind and even tackle a bit of my ironing pile, sweep  & put away some of the laundry.  Or not.  I'll probably procrastinate and putter around online until it's time to shower.   

  I can't ever seem to get in the shower before 7:00... even if it would mean I could get completely ready before the kids are even out of bed.  I enjoy the quiet time beforehand, and the 'rush' of everyone getting ready at once helps us to get out of here on time.  Hustle & bustle!

So here I am... waiting on some fun ''Something or Other Tuesday'' blogs to pop up that I can link to... 

Did you check out yesterday's post about my cat?  Well, he has a name.  After much debate, we went back to one of our faves... Otis. I think the transition will be fairly smooth.  We've only had him a couple of weeks, and it's a cat who doesn't even respond to it's name, afterall... haha. 

Check him out... all manly & snuggled up in a cute pink basket... ;)
And I'm very excited about my upcoming giveaway... 
only 1 more follower needed!  Spread the word!

Have a lovely Tuesday, all!
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  1. I went to bed past 10:30... I ended up watching A Walk to Remember and the season finale of Khloe and Lamar

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