Friday, May 20, 2011

A Couple More Faves O' Mine

Stacy over at Blogging with Stacy tagged me the other day in her "A Few of My Favorite Things" post. 
I'm just getting back from soccer practice (I'm officially a soccer-mom!) and picking up a few groceries (if  frozen yogurt, cranberry juice, gum & couple cheap water guns count as groceries), so here is a very quick post on 2 of my current obsessions!


I picked up these 2 items on my one and only EVER recent trip to Forever 21 last weekend:

Love this dress... just need to work up the nerve to wear it! (suggestions on how to hide a bit of a tummy in!?)

And I totally fell in love with this blazer!  Super cute!
 And I'd love a pair of these from We Love Color, in {oh about} half a dozen different colors!

{Diet Coke}

Yep, I need to lose weight and get in shape. First step, cut out the cola... but not entirely.  So I've made the switch to diet and I think I actually prefer it now!  Oh, and how cute!  I googled "Diet Coke Images" and came across this!
Coke nail polish!?  Me LOVES!

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