Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blog Stalking - Sewing Projects

I'm totally loving linking up, finding new blogs, and meeting new people.  I love all the fashion & mommy blogs out there... and my new obsession are crafty blogs.  Especially sewing. I soooo want to sew!  I don't need to be able to come up with patterns out of the blue, or anything extreme like that... but I do want to learn to make, well... stuff. Ideally, I want to be able to whip up some skirts for me (that fit JUST right), cute little pants & tees for Memphis and of course, skirts & dresses for Ruby...

I came across Made and I love it!  She posts great tutorials for all sorts of sewing projects. 
Like this one for Summer Skirts with Deep Pockets or this cute (easy?) Circle Skirt one for Ruby... Oooh, the possibilities.  I wouldn't have to daydream on Etsy all day long anymore, I could make this stuff myself. 

If anyone has a sewing machine they're looking to get rid of... let me know!  Could be a fun (and productive) new hobby!

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  1. Funny that you posted about this, I bought a sewing machine last Fall at a yard sale and just picked it up from being overhauled last week. I can't wait for my MIL to teach me a thing or two. :)

  2. Love Dana-Made-It. A lot of great ideas. I also love searching out sewing tutorials for upcycled stuff for the kids.


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