Saturday, April 23, 2011

Window Shopping: Online

I love to shop. Even when I don't have any money, or don't really "need" anything, I could easily spend an entire day window shopping.  Trouble is (or probably a blessing in disguise) that I live in a very small town, far away from any mall or major retail center.  No problem. That's why the internet was invented, right?

I go in spurts, I get major crushes on certain items, and can spend a lot of time on Google, Ebay and Etsy trying to find the perfect one.  Well, my new obsession... clogs!  So cute!

After a quick search online this afternoon, I came across these:

Floral!  So girly!  Can you imagine how cute they'd be with the right sundress or denim mini skirt!?

So "Sandy from Grease", no?  Love the red pair!

Now these are the kind I would break my neck wearing... but it would be sooooo worth it!

I'm in love! ♥
Anyone else crushing on these!?

(alright, back to my regular mom duties... "quiet" time is OVER!)
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  1. i love shopping on line. most of the time it is just filling my shopping cart and not buying fun!

  2. Haha I do that too - fill my carts but never actually submit. The floral clogs will definetly look good with denim!

  3. I haven't been able to find those exact ones... yet. I just found the pic... BUT, there is an Etsy site that specializes in handmade clogs and they offer a similar pattern... Mother's Day gift to me, maybe!? lol

  4. Oh, man. I have crushes on items all the time. But I am extraordinarily cheap and that helps me to tend to not buy things. It is a very good disposition (for my bank account, anyway).

    Find me at Just Take a Bow.

  5. I'm not sure if I can get into the clogs.. sometimes I love them, sometimes I hate them. I need to find the 'perfect' pair!


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