Monday, April 18, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday {Things I Collect}

Top 2 Things I Collect

1. This is easy. Shoes
Flats, heels, boots, sandals, flip flop, wedges, black, brown, pink, red, blue... you name it, I got it!  Of course I wish they were really expensive shoes, but sadly there are no Jimmy Choos in my closet... yet! 

These are all actually a couple different pairs of  TOMS that I've mentioned before... but do not own yet.

2. I also collect Nail Polish.
Well, I'm starting to put together a nice collection.  I had a horrible habit of biting my nails, and since I've mastered painting my own nails I've invested in a couple fun shades.  It's the best way to keep me from biting my nails.  I'm especially enjoying the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure line.  I have Kook-A-Mango, Pink Slip and Fruity Patootie from that collection, and I LOVE them!  With names like those... how could I resist!?

I want!

Head on over and link up with The Undomestic Momma  and let us know what you're collecting!

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  1. Nail polish is a huge addiction of mine. It almost made it into my top 2 but I lumped it in with beauty products :)

  2. Shoes and nail polish! What else does a girl need? Love these!

  3. I miss my shoe collection! I think I should start collecting nail polish. I have 2.... lol

  4. I have loads of nail polish! It's an item you don't think you're collecting till one day you see every color under the rainbow in your cabinet. Easy addiction ;)

  5. Shoes and nail polish are also some of my fave things to collect! Although I am more of a lover of designer handbags!

  6. Shoes and nail polish-you'd get along fabulously with my 6 year old daughter(um, ok, and me too)!

  7. LOVE the TOMS! I have a pair as well. Every time I wear mine I wish I could meet the child I helped.

    -XO Hilary

  8. I used to collect shoes for myself - then I had a daughter :)


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