Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Maternity Pictures

A couple weeks ago, my cousin's girlfriend asked me if I wouldn't mind taking some pictures of her beautiful belly before the baby arrived.  She's due at the beginning of May, so even though I don't have any experience or much practice with this sort of ''shoot,'' I jumped at the chance!  I had my fingers crossed that I would at least get a dozen or so that they would really love... and I think I did a pretty good job! (not to ''toot my own horn,'' but I wish I had gotten a few shots like these of me & my belly when I was pregnant!)

Whaddya think!?
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  1. I wish you would have taken pictures of me like that when I was pregnant with Piper... :p

  2. I didn'T have a great camera then... next time! ;)

  3. These pics make me want to have a baby!! haha!! Great job, you have a real talent!!

  4. Those pictures are fantastic Lena, you really are talented. And what a beautiful mommy-to-be...love the belly.

  5. Very good shots - she has such a small belly for being due sooo soon!

  6. Beautful! And really, can anything be MORE beautiful than a pregnant belly? I think not!
    You are a fabulous photographer.

  7. cute!



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