Monday, April 25, 2011

Into My Own Hands?

I'm very seriously debating taking my hair color into my own hands.  Literally.  

 I recently went from blond (basically my natural color with added highlights) to brunette, and even though I went back twice to the hair dressers and "thought" I was happy. I'm not.  It's just a shade or two lighter than what I'm really wanting.  This is a big commitment.  I've already made the jump and gone darker, and I know I want to stay a brunette for a long time (I'm so sick of the blond), BUT my roots still come in way lighter which means more trips to the hairdresser than usual and more $$.  Not cool for my budget. 'sigh'

Back in the day, I always used store bought dye and did it myself.  I NEVER had any disastrous results and my hair was always healthy looking.  Back then, I mostly used the L'Oreal Paris Féria  brand... I remember it always smelling soooo good!  And I was actually going red back then, which is super tricky.  I haven't been down the hair color aisle in forever... does Féria still exist?

This was an ad that was around when I was ''self-dyeing''
 So, my question is:  Do I do it at home, or spend $50+ every 4 weeks or so by going to the hairdresser? Also, should be noted that my hairdresser is pregnant and due in September... not sure when she'll be returning, or how easy it will be to find another hair dresser I trust with my color and could take me as often as I need... for the right price.

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  1. I think it's pretty safe to go with home hair dye...especially if you have done it before!

  2. Go for it! I've been dying my own hair for nearly 20 years, and aside from once dripping a bit on the cat, there have been no disasters, major or minor. I'm a big fan of Clairol's Nice n' Easy- it makes my hair look almost highlighted and completely natural. Good luck!


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