Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I SPY: Shoes & Jewelry

 Since I LOVE shoes, and own some jewelry (I've never been much of a jewelry person... but I'm trying!), I decided to link up with little miss momma for her I SPY series... Shoes & Jewelry is this week's theme.

So here are a few of my favorite pairs of shoes. If you know me, I have sooooo many, so it was hard to narrow them down.  I basically grabbed the few that were easiest to reach!  I ♥ all my shoes, though!  :)

My fave 'Chucks' - will probably NEVER get rid of these!

A sampling of my flats.  Sucker for 'em.

Little flip flops. ♥

My favorite pair.
As far as jewelry goes, I wear my wedding band every day, and always a pair of earrings. 
Here are some I got for a steal through a Heartsy deal a few weeks ago (from Jacaranda Designs)

And a couple that I wear most often...

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  1. Stopping in from I Spy. Those yellow shoes are adorable!

  2. ohhh!! your red flip flops...I have them in gold! LOVE EM!


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