Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm LOVING that with all the overtime I've done over the past few months, I don't have to feel *too* guilty about taking the afternoon off because I'm not feeling well.  I'm not sick. Just tired... the past week has been rough and I think I might be fighting off the cold that Memphis has... Anyhoo, point is I'm at home, it's quiet and I get a few hours to relax before picking up the kids. 

I'm LOVING the comforter set that I ordered on sale a few weeks ago for Ruby's room!  It matches perfectly!  Such a steal!  The second set I ordered, which I had planned to return if I didn't like it, matched my niece's room perfectly, so it was a win-win deal!

 I'm LOVING Disney's Tangled!  Brought the kids to see it before the holidays.  Rented it last night and watched it with them again... so good!  Pretty sure the Easter Bunny will be bringing this to our house this year!

 I'm LOVING the fact that I will probably be able to donate our old car to the Kidney Foundation of Canada's Kidney Car Program!  Just need to make a call to see if they'll pick up in this area!  Would love for something good to come out of all my bad luck!  

And that's what I'm LOVING today... how about you?
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