Monday, March 21, 2011

Sticks & Stones

Spring has sprung!  {sorta} Finally!
The weather was funtastic this weekend.  I loved being able to finally get out & get some fresh air with the kids. 
I'm horrible at taking time to get outside during the winter. I will find any excuse to stay inside. I'm not into any winter sports, and I hate being cold. 
With Spring comes mud, puddles, and an endless supply of sticks!  Memphis LOVES sticks. Of course. Didn't we all?  We went for a walk, Memphis picked up a few "contenders" and then found the perfect one!

Yes, I let my kids play with sticks.  I know better, they know better... but it was all in good fun.  Nobody lost an eye. They know they should be careful and to only do it when I'm around.  I played with sticks, and I survived, right?

This also means I'll soon find rocks in the dryer.  Kids LOVE sticking those in their pockets!

On our walk, we picked up our first "slush" of the season. Watermelon flavored. Yum.

Oh, and I don't have pics of this, but Ruby fell into a huge puddle in the ditch across the street. Not surprising. 
Welcome back, Spring!

ETA: Minutes after I posted this it started to snow. Like mini-blizzard type snow... and it's still falling. Sheesh!
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