Friday, March 18, 2011


I made it!
What a week!
I have been very busy at work getting ready for a new system the company will be launching at the end of the month.  Tons of files to be revised and a ton of data entry [on top of my already pretty heavy work load].  Needless to say, the vibe in the office is pretty stressful right now.  I worked through all my lunch hours, and got to the office as early as possible all week. I don't mind, but it's hard not getting any real break from the craziness! 
I've been keeping myself busy in the evenings with the regular stuff - kids/laundry/cleaning - but happily it seems that I'm getting a lot more done now that it's not dark as soon as we get home.  I'm definitely feeling much more productive... Thank you daylight savings!
To sweeten my week, I got a few fun parcels in the mail!  Love, love, love getting treats!
Last week I stumbled upon an adorable pair of gently used [purple!] Puma shoes on Ebay.  I got them for a real STEAL!  And they were shipped in no time!  Love them!

I also ordered a couple more books from!  This week, I got "Winter Garden" "The Day I Shot Cupid" and "Say You're One Of Them."  I won't be starting any of these anytime soon, since I just picked up "House Rules" at a used book store over the weekend, but again... bargain books are definitely one of my weaknesses!

I haven't received these yet, but I ordered Memphis & Ruby each a new swimsuit.  Gap/Old Navy have a great sale on right now, and with a code for an extra 30% off, I couldn't resist!

For my little ballerina

For my little marine biologist

Also, Ruby  needs a new comforter... so I thought I'd check out the Sears Outlet... lo & behold, another sale!  I had a code for 25% off, plus there was a "deal of the day" going on with these 2 sets - TODAY ONLY 60% off!  What!?  I ordered both since I couldn't decide (her walls are green, furniture is white, I think the overall theme of her room is a bit eclectic and whimsical, so either one could probably "fit" with the right drapes and accent pillows).  I will return one... so I'll be getting a $100 set, for roughly $35!  Woot, woot!

Wow, so I guess it's pretty apparent that I deal with stress best with a little retail therapy, eh?

Not much planned for the weekend.  I rented "127 Hours" for tonight... been wanting to see it for awhile. Hope it doesn't disappoint.  I've been intrigued with this story since it first made headlines back in 2003!

So, that's it for now.

I hope everyone enjoys a lovely weekend!
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  1. great steals for sure...that second comforter I was going to get for Maddy but it didn't come in Queen I don't think! let me know if you don't use that one, if its a double, maybe I could buy it from you and see if it fits her bed (even though its a queen)

  2. Both are listed as double/queen. Ruby prefers that one too, I'll keep you posted, though.

  3. LOVE THE PUMA'S! I want to get a pair for myself! Would love Purple also, but I just really want a pair of Puma's!

  4. Sheri - I just happened to go on Ebay and search "Puma Size 9" and these were ending in like 15 mins. I got them for $30! Used, but still in great shape! lol


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