Friday, March 11, 2011

First Date

It's a Friday night, hubby is working, I'm  home with Ruby (actually just getting back from a yummy dinner out!) and Memphis is out on his very first date!
Seriously cute, no?
Last night I got a call from a friend asking if Memphis would like to join her & her daughter for a movie tonight.  Memphis was ecstatic because a) it's a little girl he goes to daycare with and adores, and b) it was "Rango" (a movie he's been bugging to see since he saw the very first trailer)

But unfortunately, he had a rough start to his day.  A sore tummy and a little puke (sorry, TMI)... I'm wondering now if it was just a bad case of nerves?  Once he got that out of his system, he was fine.  All day he kept an eye on the clock... "How many more hours until my date?" "How many more seconds until my date?"
Finally, the big moment arrived!  Off he went!  What a big boy!
I'm sure he's having a great time!
Funny thing is he's had a bit of crush on this girl since she started at the daycare... he just thinks she's the bee's knees!  It's very platonic, of course... they're 5!  But it's really adorable.  I thought it wise to blog about this day just in case this story is told at their wedding someday!  Haha... Imagine!?
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