Thursday, February 17, 2011

Word Of The Day

After the holidays, I purchased a 2011 ‘word of the day’ calendar in hopes of improving my vocabulary. I figured I could try to use each word at least once during the day it was listed in the calendar.  This has proven to be a tad more difficult than expected.   For example, today’s word is:

Velarium (noun)
an awning over the seats in a theatre of ancient Rome

Hmmm, how can I possibly work THAT word into my conversations today?
Past words have included:

Metacarpus (noun)
the five bones between the wrist (carpus) and the fingers and thumb (phalanges)

Not a difficult word, but I found no need to discuss my metacarpus on February 7th...

Mirth (noun)
gaiety accompanied by laughter

Apparently, I wasn’t having a great day on January 24th, because I never used this in a sentence that day either!

Too bad I didn’t visit a latifundium (a large country estate) on February 12th, or worn uncomfortable shoes which would have left me with phylyctena (a small blister or pustule) on February 16th!

I will be going home tonight and taking a peak in my closet… hopefully I will see chitterlings (a ruffled frill on the front of a shirt) so that I can finally use my word of the day! If not, I have high hopes for the upcoming weeks… yes, I’ve peeked ahead! Stay tuned!

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