Sunday, February 20, 2011


As I sit here, delicately typing this post (just did my nails and the polish is still fresh), I seriously wonder if I'm just a sucker for nail polish with a cool name!  
As I've mentioned before, I'm totally addicted to Mad Men, and I've been noticing a specific color of polish some of the women seem to sporting.  I had nothing else to go on besides it seemed to be a pretty vibrant shade of orangey-red.  
For the first time, in a while, I went shopping without the kids - for groceries... but it did give me the opportunity to visit the beauty aisle... and I came across the perfect shade!  

I was so excited I didn't even care that I was about to spend $7 on 1 bottle of nail polish!  I took a glimpse of the name... and I was smitten!  Kook-A-Mango!  How cute!

I did a test run on Ruby (gave her mani & a pedi) and it looked adorable, so I attempted it on myself.

Aside from the mediocre job I did (or my wrinkly hands)... I absolutely love it!  I'm just not sure which I love more - the color or the name!
[come to think of it, when it came time to pick out paint for Ruby's nursery, I knew I wanted a funky green... when I settled on one and saw that it was called "Lime Freckle" I even posted about it on my babysites blog!]

I had been getting my nails professionally done since before the wedding, I thought I was okay with the urge to bite my nails... but apparently I'm very weak-willed.  Here's hoping I'll keep my teeth away now that I have found my very own Mad Men version of 'orangey-red' polish!  :)
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