Friday, February 11, 2011


At 6:00 a.m., I am selfish.
It's MY time.
It's quiet.
I love being able to enjoy a hot cup of tea [by the time I get around to my cup of tea on the weekends, it's usually cold], catch up with news & gossip online, pay my bills [okay, I actually hate paying bills, but I love being able to do it without distractions], cuddle with our kitty and take in the stillness around me.
With an energetic 5 year old, and a feisty 3 year old, our home is never quiet.  And that's okay.  As much as they drive me crazy, there really is nothing better than hearing the pitter patter of little feet or giggles coming from the other room.
Mornings are special, though. I'm much more alert earlier in the day, I am as far from a "night owl" that one could get.  I love having to wake my kids up by tickling their feet and saying "good morning, sunshine!"  Memphis wakes up all at once, he starts talking a mile a minute - could be something he dreamed about, something we talked about 2 weeks ago or something that happened a daycare the day before.  Ruby's a lot lazier... her bedhead is hilarious, her little voice is even raspier than usual and I usually carry her downstairs because she is still so sleepy! 
Well, it looks like "my time" is almost up.  It was great while it lasted... now back to reality!
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