Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Memo

Fellow moms, you know which one I mean.
The "You're-Not-Allowed-To-Be-Sick-When-You're-A-Mom-Memo."

This winter, so far (knock wood, throw salt over my shoulder and anything else I can do to NOT jinx myself) has been pretty good in the health department.  The kids have had some runny noses, fevers and very mild & quick tummy bugs... Nothing major and nothing that has kept them down for more than a day or two.  BUT since last week, I've just been feeling "off."  I'm not getting enough done, it seems.  Suppers are embarrassing (how many times a week can I make macaroni!?), and although I'm keeping the house clean I've been doing the bare minimum (dusting, sweeping, a quick scrub to the toilet -- even when I'm not feeling well, too many dust bunnies and a dirty toilet cannot be ignored!).

On Monday, I started to feel like I might be getting a cold.  You know that feeling when you know you're going to get one, you can totally feel it coming?  But so far, it really hasn't turned into ANYTHING!  My ears were burning today and I started a bit of sneezing... overall, just feeling pretty lousy.  I took the afternoon off work to come home and rest.  And I did my best.  I only did 1 load of laundry and spent the rest of the time on the couch.  I got supper ready before I went to pick up the kids because the hubs is working tonight and I knew I would be solo for supper & bath time.  The more I got done before they got home, the better.

I must say, Memphis has been the cutest:  "Remember those times when I'm sick and you do everything for me... now it's my turn to do everything for you."  Awwwww... and for the most part, he's been good.  I haven't had to ask him anything more than once (okay, maybe twice) and even Ruby understands that Mommy is a bit under the weather... which is nice.  And kind of sad.  My kids are growing up so fast that they are able to "take care of me now."  When did this happen?

Here's hoping a few extra drops of Wild Oil of Oregano (medicine chest in a bottle!  I love this stuff, and I think I owe the fact that I haven't had a serious cold in at least 2 years because of it), some hot tea & honey, a warm bath and early bedtime will nip this semi-cold in the bud!
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